We can provide estimates for court transcripts based on the actual length of the audio recording.  After placing an order we will review the audio file and based on the audio file can provide you an estimate.  

Generally, a 60-minute audio transcript for court hearings is 36 to 40 pages in length upon completion.  This can vary depending on how fast the parties are speaking, whether there is an interpreter present, whether the recording is question and answer, submissions, or reasons/rulings or a combination of different formatting requirements for the transcript set up. 

The best way to get an accurate as close to the final page count possible is to order a transcript, and request a quote.  From there we can provide you a no-obligation quote. 

PRICES are government regulated and can be found at regulation REGULATION FOR COURT TRANSCRIPT PRICING

Our policy is to try to quote a little higher than expected so that there are no surprises at the end. 

We do not require a deposit if you are registered with the Law Society or a government agency, and any turnaround time can be accommodated.  Please check out our  ABOUT US page

Prices are regulated and the formatting of the transcript must meet certain requirements so the transcriptionist you chose will always end with  the same page count.

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