Videoplus knows you have many options to choose an Authorized Court Transcriptionist (ACT)  in Ontario, and that is why we are here for you, to assist in that process.  Newly certified ACTs are not experienced enough to be on their own without mentoring and guidance through the transcription process and court transcript lingo and terminology.  If you are choosing an ACT through the government website, you are not aware of their experience or expertise in the field of transcription.  You know they paid their annual fee and you know they signed an undertaking from the courthouse, but that is all you know. 

We have an extensive mentoring program where new ACTs work with seasoned ACTs who proofread their work and ensure you receive the most accurate transcript you can.

As the owner of the company I have seen transcripts typed by newly added ACTs on the government website, who make numerous verbatim and set up mistakes.  With proper mentoring and training we allow new ACTs the experience to become an ACT you can rely on.

Videoplus ensures we find the right ACT from our team, experienced in the type of transcription you require; appeals, 11b applications, bail reviews, trial continuations, preliminary hearings, motions.

You can review a list of our contractors and their experience from our ABOUT US on our website.  If you do not work with a regular transcriber and this is your first time, we will ensure we get the right transcriptionist for you based on their experience.  We will also assign that ACT to the next project you place to ensure you are getting the transcript you need.  We keep a detailed summary of ACTs we assign to your projects for future reference.

Pricing is also a factor when placing an order.   We charge .55 on court of appeal reprints and divisional court reprints with as many copies as you need with no minimums, and no additional costs for courier or signed certification pages.  Many ACTs are also trying to charge $4.30 per page for signed certification pages on reprints.  If your order is funded by Legal Aid, they will not pay this charge.  

11B application pricing all varies among ACTs.  Some ACTs will charge for four pages, $20.00 minimum for the original, $20.00 for the second reprint and $20.00 for the third reprint.  Resulting in an invoice for $60.00 for 3 printed copies.  We charge $20.00 for the original and .55 per page for each reprint, resulting in a cost of $24.40.

For your next Ontario or Superior Court transcription project choose Videoplus Transcription Services.

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