With a deep passion for the legal profession, I started working at VP Transcription as an AV typist in 2019. After gaining experience in this field from using specialized software and equipment and getting well-versed in the formatting and style requirements of legal documents, I obtained my accreditation as a court transcriptionist in 2021, and have transcribed numerous court proceedings, depositions and other legal proceedings with meticulous attention to detail, accuracy and professionalism. I have enjoyed working on everything from civil litigation to well-publicized trials.

I strive to be known as someone who values professionalism, reliability and attention to detail. I take pride in my work and am committed to delivering high-quality transcriptions that meet or exceed the expectations of VP's clients. Outside of work, I am also known for my exceptional organizational skills, time management, and ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously. I am dedicated to continuing my role in helping VP Transcription maintain their impeccable reputation of delivering accurate and reliable court records.

ACT NUMBER:  4748429159 

PHONE:  647-933-5464


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