I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Lethbridge and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary. After graduating from U of C, I worked for Children’s Services for eleven years. The majority of my career with Children’s Services I was an Investigator where I assessed whether children were at risk of harm, abuse, neglect etc. I left my career in 2014. In 2015, I began my current career as a Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts. My current role has allowed me to find a new passion and purpose. I love the flexibility of my job and the incentives. Despite loving my job, I sometimes miss the work of my previous career. I began transcribing in 2023, and love it. I particularly love the flexibility of it and being able to work my own hours. I also enjoy working, even if behind the scenes with the criminal system again. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family (husband and two teen daughters). I love travelling and reading.  

Phone: 647-933-5464

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